Friday, March 6, 2009

Working in a Series

My very frustrating efforts of the past few months got an affirmation last week in the form of a critique. I brought my canvas that I thought was finished to a critique session with a well known Ottawa art teacher and contemporary artist to get some comments so that I could see if my direction was worth continuing and what areas needed improving. To my surprise there was not one negative comment on my experiment and a suggestion that I should consider working in a series.

After spending some time on the internet looking for ideas on how exactly to do a series of work, I got started this morning. Since my first canvas turned into some odd little flowers wanting to pop up through the frozen ground the second one is to be the next step in the gradual thaw of spring. I am thinking of the circle of the seasons and the changes that occur with each day. Even though I am looking out of my window at ice and snow on the river I can hear a change with the birds that come to my feeder. The cardinals are singing and starting to stake out their territories. There are a lot more squirrels now running about and my dog wants to be outside all day to chase them.

I am also trying to finish two 12" square canvases that turned out to be flowers in vases - a series of two.

Once I get these practice ones done I will pick a theme, choose some sizes and start another series which, I am feeling, just might be flowers and gardens, abstract, of course. That's what happens to my brain after looking at ice and snow for 4 months!

I am excited about my attempts at collaging and painting together on a canvas support. It's amazing what a tiny bit of positive reinforcement can do for the creative spirit!

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