Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The "Series"

This is a successful attempt at the elusive "series" concept.  I always find it difficult to stay in a particular style or zone when painting so this time I pretty much worked on all 6 at once.  This works for me!!! I've finally found the answer. This series consists of 2 @ 30" x 30", 2 @ 16" x 16" and 2 @ 12" x 12".

The only problem is that I am now working larger (36" x 48") and space is very limited.  I can see a re-organization project of my little 'studio' space, which is a portion of a family room type area.  I'm going to need to figure out a way to get the panels up on the wall to work on as there is no room for multiple easels.   I need a heated garage!!!

1 comment:

Flora Doehler said...

Oh Heather! I like the mysterious feeling in these works. I see ghostly figures in the backgrounds and find that intriguing.
Good luck with the hanging problem. I see that some artists have a ledge for their work and others who work on canvas simply hang them on the wall and paint that way.
It sounds exciting. :)